5 shocking causes of infertility in men

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5 shocking causes of infertility in men

Men also undergo infertility issues and the common causes include; testicle pain/swelling, changes in sexual desire, low sperm production, small firm testicles, swollen veins in the testicles, chronic diseases like diabetes and lifestyle choices. Besides that there are other surprising causes of infertility every man should be aware of;

1.Using plastic containers. They contain chemicals such as phthalates and bisphenol which have a possibility of leaching into food and water. These chemicals have a negative effect on your reproductive system by lowering sperm counts, diminish sperm movement and decrease sperm quality.

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Plastic cause more harm then good

2. Cell phone radiation. If you have been placing your phone next to your package, it’s time for you to stop that. The most sensitive tissues in the reproductive system are found in the testicular tissues. The phone radiation that is generated may cause low sperm quality in men by decreasing the semen volume, sperm concentration, sperm count, motility, and viability.

Mobile phone cause harm

3. Being exposed to pesticides. Pesticides are said to affect many boy organs and the reproductive system is one of them. Men who are exposed to high amounts of pesticides are prone to experience infertility. They contain dangerous chemicals like atrazine and diazinon which result in low sperm quality, sperm abnormalities, and poor semen quality. Please farmers don’t allow chemical to touch you when ever you are working on it.

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Chemical is too bad

  • 4.Cannel food.
  • Metal cans have a chemical called the endocrine-disrupting BPA(Bisphenol A) chemical which may tarnish the food inside. According to various studies, the BPA is said to affect a man’s sexual drive whereby they experience erectile and ejaculation dysfunction.canned food is too bad but in our generation some people prefer canned food while some of them prefer not canned food,
    please note that canned food is bad.
    This 5 shocking causes of infertility in men we help your semen strong

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    Plastic cause more harm then good

  • 5. Body care products.
  • They have been made from different brands and chemicals which can ruin your reproductive system.
    They contain phthalates chemicals that are used to make plastics more flexible which is associated with several types of sperm damage, low sperm count and semen quality.
    Some men’s hair dye contains an ingredient called, lead acetate which results in lower sperm quality.
    please we advise those use creams, like body lotion not to apply it in their private parts because it will reduce the quality of your semen, there by making you infertility

    5 shocking causes of infertility in men


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