Madness: Bobrisky dragged for wearing torn inner while advising women on securing rich men

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Bobrisky dragged for wearing torn inner while advising women on securing rich men

The socialite who since the beginning of the year has been lecturing young ladies on how to secure rich boyfriends

for themselves, shared a video of himself dishing out his usual advise on his Instagram page.

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In the video Bob is seen glamorously dressed, and giving some relationship tips to his female followers and c

the habit of girl’s going to a man’s house to do domestic chores just because she wants him to propose to her.

However, critics were quick to notice the worn out black inner donned by the male Barbie and dragged him for it.

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According to critics, the worn out inner wear is a supposed sign that the self styled big girl is poor.

In other news, in his latest installment of ”Bobrisky’s advice”, the controversial male-barbie lectured his loyal female

followers on the need to add an account number anytime a man approaches them for their phone number.

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According to Bobrisky, any man who frowns at the prospect of seeing a girl’s a

number does not deserve having the girl’s phone number in the first place and as such, should move to another girl.

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