Married Again (Crazy First Wife) Episode 3

Married Again

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(Crazy first lady😂)

By Eunice Nwodu.

Episode 3

We arrived at the church and all I felt was annoyance. I can’t believe this is really happening.

The priest carried on with the wedding vows while I stood like a stick making ugly faces at my so called groom.

He doesn’t know what he’s getting into.
So persistent to get married to me.

“Do you Miss Selena take Greg to be your lawfully wedded husband?” The priest’s voice echoed.

“I don’t understand what you mean priest. Please repeat what you just asked…” I peeved.

Everyone rolled their eyes while father’s countenance was unexplainable.

“Alright dear. Do you take this young man here to be your lawfully wedded husband?”….

I kept quiet feeling my heart throb.

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Dad would definitely kill me if I don’t say ‘yes’.

“Yes, I do” I replied and everyone smiled.

The church was filled with my siblings, friends and relatives.

This is pathetic.

The priest asked the same question to Greg and he smiled.

“Of course, I do” He said looking around like a proud peacock.

“You may now kiss the bride” The priest instructed and I almost puked.

He made the first move and before I could protest, he slammed his lips on mine.

There was loud ovation as he deepened the kiss.

I found my way and bit him hard on the lips.

He didn’t move as he continued to kiss the life out of me.

What sort of man is this???

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The reception was to kick off right beside the church and that gave me much relieve.

“You’re finally mine, Selena” The idiot grinned as he took my hand.

“In your dreams. Just know that you’ve married a whole pack of trouble. I’ll make sure you go insane right before the honeymoon is over” I whispered and yanked my hand from his.

He chortled as we left the alter.

Good riddance.


“So, what are you going to do about the wife problem? You cannot gain your inheritance without it” My best friend – Naomi stated and I sighed.

“I’ll pay full attention to that after I come back from America and besides, I want to marry for love. I don’t support the idea of finding Strangers for the contract thing…” I said taking my phones from the bed.

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I had to come to my penthouse to take my luggage into the car before going to the airport.

“Alright bestie. I wish the best for you” Naomi said and I smiled.


I made to leave the room but she stopped me.

“A hug won’t hurt, Dylan” She said as her bright blue eyes dimmed.

“Yeah, of course” I replied and we engaged into an hug.

We’ve been childhood friends since our fathers were business partners.
And right now, she’s been with me daily after my parents died last few months ago.

The scars still there but I pray it’d heal up soon.
And I pray I find the right woman too….



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