The Royal Maid Episode 35

Golden High

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(The woman after his heart)

Episode 35

King Roland’s POV cont’d ♥

My hands almost wanted to explore more of the wonderful goddess in front of me but as soon as I heard footsteps I quickly ordered her to turn around…

She did as she was told and I changed into new and fresh clothes,and left before Gregory would notice anything .

‘Good morning your highness,good morning your highness’..

Few of my guards bowed as I walked past them and in acknowledgement I nodded and sat on a rock…

After some minutes Alondria also came with her hair wet and I couldn’t help and Gregory looked at me suspiciously…

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‘Something is definitely going on,what do you think it is?’..He asked and I frowned..

‘I don’t get what you mean Gregory,please let’s just go hunting’..

‘Hmmm okay your highness’.

Alondria’s POV ♥️

‘Are you sure you are okay Alo??’..Marco asked from behind me and I flinched..

‘Oh..uh..uh yeah..yeah I’m fine’..I replied with a stutter and his brows perked up..

‘Are you sure you’re okay?? Cause you seem very jittery and also nervous ever since you came back with the king,

tell me what’s going on’..He whispered..

‘Marco I just don’t trust anyone to—

‘It’s okay you can trust me Alo,I won’t tell anyone about it’..He whispered and I heaved a very loud sigh..

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‘Okay two moons ago I uh..I was taking the clean sheets to the store cellar and I saw the King looking drunk,I tried helping him but he was so drunk and the next thing I knew he kissed me’..

I explained and saw the shock in his eyes..

‘Oh my!! Does the King fancy you??’..He asked..

‘It seems so Marco,I went to wash myself in the river and he kissed me again and said that I was haunting his dreams.

Howcan I be hunting his dream?! I’m a slave maid!’.I whimpered more worriedly this time..

‘No you are not a slave maid Alondria you are a Royal maid and it’s time you take off that Slave tag from your

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personality,I guess I understand why the King said that—You are one rare beauty Alondria’..He said and I chuckled..

A rare beauty??..


I’ve always been told that my blue eyes are captivating but no one has ever told me that I’m a rare beauty??..

‘What do I do Marco?? He is surely going to get married to a princess after everything? I can’t let him fall for me it’s against the laws’..I whispered and he patted my shoulder..

‘Make him hate you Alondria,that’s the only way you can stop it’..

End of The Royal Maid Episode 35


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